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Beta T.C.P. 90c

Beta T.C.P. 90c
90 tablets
Typical Effective Dose:

This unique product acts to thin bile and promote its movement. Gall stones are often due to bile becoming "sludgy" and not moving through the gall bladder correctly. This product aims to prevent this. Useful for anyone who has, or has had, stones.

The main ingredient, beet extract, has high amounts of a specific antioxidant, anthocyanidin. This...

Ox Bile 100c

Ox Bile 100c
Typical Effective Dose: 1 per meal
A digestive aid that should be used by everyone who has had their gall bladder removed. It provides bile - something that your gall bladder normally squeezes into your intestines when you eat. Bile is necessary to digest fats and fat soluble vitamins. When the gall bladder is removed, there is nothing to cause...

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